What are the Risks of Working With a Bail Bond Company in Oklahoma City?

When a person is arrested and in jail, working with a Bail Bond Company in Oklahoma City area can allow them to get out of jail pending the completion of their hearings. However, it is important for a person to understand what the risks of a bail bond are before securing one. When a bail bond is secured, both the person who secured it and the person it is for are at risk if the terms are not followed.

The Person Who Secured the Bail Bond

The person who secures the bond will need to give the bondsman 10% of the bail amount or something as collateral. If the terms of the bond are not fulfilled, the person who secured the bond will either need to pay the remaining 90% of the bond plus a service fee or will forfeit their collateral and likely need to pay a service fee if the collateral doesn’t cover the fee. This means the person will be on the hook for the full bail amount plus the fee instead of just what was required to be able to secure the bail bond and help their friend or family member.

The Person Who Was Arrested

The person who was arrested is at risk if they do not fulfill all of the terms of the bond. A bench warrant can be ordered. This means that if the person is stopped by the police for any reason, they will be taken to jail and will have to remain there until their hearings are completed. It also means that the person might not be able to obtain bail again in the future as a bondsman will not want to secure a bond for a person who has already shown they will not adhere to the terms of the bail bond.

If you’re in need of a bail bond for yourself or for a friend or family member, it’s important to understand what the risks are. Always ask the Bail Bond Company in Oklahoma City to clarify any terms you do not understand or clarify any part of the process before securing the bond. This way, you can be sure that working with a Bail Bond Company is the right choice for your situation.