Understanding The Law With The Help Of DUI Defense Lawyer in Charleston SC

DUI Defense Lawyer in Charleston SC offers criminal defense for drivers charged with driving under the influence. This charge relates to both alcohol and controlled substances. Any driver believed to be driving while under the influence of either are immediately arrested and charged. While within in-processing at the county jail, testing is performed to verify blood alcohol content or determine what controlled substance was taken. If you need a criminal defense attorney, The Phipps Law Firm will provide defense for you.

Understanding DUI Charges

DUI charges are typically classified as misdemeanor infractions. However, in recent years, these classifications have been altered. Any fourth conviction or more is considered a felony and punishable by the highest possible sentence. In these cases, if convicted a violator of these laws may spend one year or more in county lockup. He or she will also lose their driving privileges for one year and be required to attend DUI or traffic school.

If the DUI is linked, however, to an additional criminal charge, these charges may be addressed separately. For instance, if a DUI charge was received in conjunction with a charged linked to an automobile accident such as vehicular manslaughter, the charges will result in a stricter sentence. However, the accused would appear in court for two separate charges.

Local DUI Lawyer

The Phipps Law Firm focuses primarily on DUI cases in Charleston SC. They will provide you with DUI Defense Lawyer in Charleston SC to represent you in a court of law. These services include assisting you in posting bond and produce a sufficient criminal defense to exonerate you of these charges. Your attorney will explain the classifications of DUI charges in Charleston SC to you and determine whether your charge is a felony or misdemeanor based on your previous record. To hire an attorney, contact the Phipps Law Firm locally.

A DUI Defense Lawyer in Charleston SC should be your first contact after an arrest. These attorneys are familiar with local traffic laws that apply to these criminal infractions. They can explain to you the probable sentencing, if convicted, based on any previous criminal record you may have. It is necessary for you to provide all details of your case and any prior convictions with your attorney to allow him or her to effectively represent you. To learn more about criminal defense attorneys visit us phippsfirm.com.