Types of Cases Handled by a Criminal Law Firm in Moorhead, MN

Criminal law firms defend clients who have been charged with committing crimes. Depending on the severity of the defendant’s charges, he or she may face jail time, community service, or steep fines, so it’s important to hire a law firm that can offer legal advice and representation to ensure the best outcome for the case. Read on to find out about what type of cases criminal lawyers handle to see whether it’s time to find a Criminal Law Firm Moorhead MN defendants can trust to offer legal counsel.

Drug Charges

Minnesota takes drug charges seriously. Whether defendants are being tried for drug trafficking or simple possession, they should always seek legal counsel as soon as they have been arrested. Even defendants who want to plead guilty to drug charges should seek legal counsel, as a lawyer will explain their options and, if possible, help them get reduced sentencing.

Assault Charges

There are several kinds of assault charges, ranging in severity from simple assault to aggravated assault. If convicted, defendants may face anything from probation, fines, and court-mandated anger management classes to serious prison time. A lawyer will help his or her client mount a successful defense.

Sex Crimes

The average American assumes that anyone convicted of a sex crime is a rapist. While this is not true, it’s important to note that even those facing less serious accusations may still face prison time, fines, and placement on the registry of sex offenders if convicted. Anyone who is facing sex crime charges should find a Criminal Law Firm Moorhead MN to provide a rigorous defense.

DUI Charges

Most drivers facing traffic charges can pay their fines and move on with their lives, but those facing more serious traffic charges, such as DUIs, should always hire a lawyer. It may make the difference between jail time or license suspension and attending traffic school.

The Bottom Line

Any defendant facing criminal charges needs to find a criminal law firm that can help. The dedicated professionals at Aaland Law Firm have plenty of experience. Visit website to learn more about the firm and their services today.