Top Reasons You’ll Need an Attorney for a CPS Complaint in Orange County

A general rule of thumb is that if you think you need an attorney, then you most certainly do. In no situation is this truer than if you are dealing with Child Protective Services. If this department of the State has entered into your life due to a complaint against you, it is crucial that you hire a juvenile dependency attorney in Orange County, CA.

Navigate the Complex Laws

Laws involving children can be very specialized and complex in nature. Therefore, it is only natural that any cases involving a child can be very emotionally fraught. This equates to needing a cool-headed attorney to make sure that all laws are recognized in the eyes of the court.

No Time to Lose

Depending on the severity of the accusations, there could be no time to lose. It is well within the rights of CPS to take custody of your children if the agency feels that they are in danger. This could apply no matter how false the accusations might be. An attorney will immediately start the process of getting your children returned to you so that your family can be reunited as soon as possible. This also can help to reduce the emotional damage that children can be privy to in such situations.

Reduced Stress

These cases should never be taken on by yourself. They can create a lot of stress for everyone involved. A juvenile dependency attorney in Orange County, CA, will take on the workload so that you do not have to.

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