The Services You Can Expect from a Insurance Claim Lawyer in North Miami FL

by | Dec 30, 2019 | Lawyer

In a perfect world, a person would file a claim with an insurance company, that insurance claim would be reviewed to see if it has merit, and the claim would be paid by the insurance carrier. Unfortunately, this is more the exception than the rule.

It is understandable that an insurance company will hire specific insurance claims adjusters to question the validity of a claim that was made against an insurance policy. However, an insurance company would rather not pay out large sums of money. Many policyholders get push back from the insurance company in the form of denying or low balling the amount of money an insurance company pays for a claim.


In these situations, an individual has one of two options. They can accept the limited amount of money an insurance company is offering or they can look for the services of an insurance claim lawyer in North Miami FL

Resolving the Matter

An insurance claim attorney will dispute the findings of the insurance claim adjuster that is representing the insurance carrier. This sort of dispute can oftentimes be resolved by a series of phone calls or, in some situations, the dispute can be resolved through negotiations. However, especially as it relates to large claims, many of these situations go to court. This is where an insurance claim attorney will argue their case to a judge in order to seek some financial resolution to the dispute on behalf of their client.

Attorney Fees

Often, an insurance claim lawyer in North Miami FL will take their cases on a contingency basis. What this means is that the attorney will need to win the case in order to get paid. Some attorneys will charge administrative fees, and these fees can vary from one attorney to the next. That’s why it’s important to ask about these fees ahead of time so an individual will know how much they will have to pay their attorney in advance.

With small claims, insurance companies often don’t dispute these issues a great deal. However, if there are large compensation amounts resulting from an insurance claim, push back from the insurance company is fairly predictable. Sometimes the policy owner can work these things out with the insurance company, but sometimes it will take the services of an insurance claim lawyer from visit us website to help settle these issues.

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