Starting a Product Liability Case with a Personal Injury Attorney in Grand Haven

In Michigan, product liabilities indicate that a product is a risk to the public. When injuries occur, the consumer has the right to report the product to the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. A personal injury attorney in Grand Haven helps victims seek financial compensation for losses and treatment of their injuries.

How Is Product Dangerous?

The type of product defines the risk. However, in product liability cases, the danger originates from a flaw in the design or an issue that happened when it was assembled or manufactured. All manufacturers test their products for risks. It is urgent they correct the flaw and protect consumers before releasing the product to the public.

How Did the Manufacturer Fail the Consumer?

Manufacturers are required to affix a warning label to any product that presents a risk to the public. Explicit instructions for using the product appear on the labeling, too. Any manufacturer that doesn’t provide the warning is liable if any consumer sustains injuries.

Investigating the Product and Recalls

The Consumer Rights Protection Agency investigates dangerous products that present a risk to consumers. The findings of the investigation determine if a product recall happens. Typically, the recall comes with conditions the manufacturer must follow, which include refunding consumers their money and repairing the product. If multiple consumers are injured, the recall might recommend legal action or a way of correcting injuries.

How Are Victims Compensated?

Individual litigants receive financial compensation if they win their case. The compensation includes the replacement of all financial losses and coverage for medical treatment. If the consumer sustains a permanent condition, the manufacturer must pay a more significant settlement if the claimant wins. When there are multiple litigants, attorneys will file a class-action lawsuit.

In Michigan, product liabilities result from a failure to protect consumers from dangerous products. When consumers sustain injuries, the manufacturer is liable if certain warnings were issued. The Consumer Rights Protection Agency conducts investigations when products are reported. Attorneys can help people or multiple litigants who need compensation for injuries. Victims who need legal advice from a personal injury attorney in Grand Haven can contact Bleakley Law Offices, P.C. right now.