Starting A Claim For A Medical Malpractice With An Accident Lawyer In Annapolis

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Lawyer

In Maryland, doctors who fail their patients generate medical errors. Unfortunately, some of these errors cannot be repaired or reversed. These conditions could present the patient with a permanent disability, loss, or disfigurement. The following are aspects of starting a claim for medical malpractice with an Accident Lawyer in Annapolis.

Secure Credible Evidence of the Medical Error

Surgical reports defining the error and the circumstances that caused it are vital for these cases. They present extensive information about how the doctor didn’t follow protocol or created an unnecessary condition. The patient’s medical records that define the condition for which the surgery was performed also paint an informative picture for the court. The attorney can submit a motion to acquire these records if they aren’t accessible by the patient.

Acquire Depositions from Medical Witnesses

Depositions are vital for a medical malpractice case as well. They are conducted in the attorney’s office. This process allows them to questions witnesses about the case and the procedure. It also enables them to find a medical professional who is familiar with hospital protocol for these procedures and other important aspects of the surgery.

Mediation with the Hospital Board

Mediation is scheduled with the hospital board when a settlement is possible. The attorney for the patient as well as an attorney representing the hospital is present during this process. It can take several hours or even days to complete. If the hospital and the patient reach a settlement, it is finalized during this meeting, and the patient receives a payment.

Preparing for a Trial

If mediation fails, a trial is scheduled. During these trials, each side presents their arguments, and all witnesses are cross-examined. The results of these cases are based on the choices of the jury and approval of the judge.

In Maryland, doctors must follow federal regulations when providing treatment to any patient. These regulations are enforced even if the individual isn’t the doctor’s regular patient. The doctor must follow a federal code of standards at all times to reduce the probability of error. Patients who have sustained any injuries due to this unethical practices contact an Accident Lawyer in Annapolis through Jaklitsch Law Group today.

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