Start a Legal Claim After You Sustain an Injury in Mokena, IL

Personal injury claims give victims a chance to collect compensation for financial losses. For example, injured parties accumulate medical expenses after an accident. First, you must show how your injuries happened and who caused them through your claim. Next, you must show how much you’ve lost because of these injuries. A consultation with a personal injury lawyer Mokena shows you where to start your claim.

How Did You Sustain Injuries?

Describing how you sustained the injuries helps an attorney determine what laws apply to your case. For example, if a doctor caused your injuries, you’d file a medical malpractice case. If you were in an auto accident, you’d file a claim against the accountable driver who caused the accident. A personal injury lawyer, Mokena, can walk you through your claim and explain what happens next.

Did You Play a Role in Causing Your Injuries?

Rulings such as comparative fault hold the victim accountable if they played any role in their accident. Examples are if the victim of an auto accident committed a moving violation or if a patient didn’t stop taking blood thinners before major surgery.

How Severe Were Your Injuries?

Severe injuries that alter a person’s life could lead to tort-based awards in a civil lawsuit. Traumatic brain injuries are a prime example of severe injuries that cause permanent and lifelong effects. By presenting severe injuries in a personal injury case, a victim could be entitled to additional monetary awards.

Personal injury lawsuits enable victims to seek financial compensation from the party that caused their injuries. You must prove that the defendant is responsible for your injuries, and you are entitled to compensation for your financial losses. Contact Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C. for more information.