Signs You Might Need to Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Kent County

Dealing with a worker’s compensation claim due to a work injury is not always easy. This system was put in place to protect injured workers and their employers. Unfortunately, the process of pursuing benefits is sometimes far from easy. Although an injured worker cannot sue their employer, having the help of a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Kent County can be beneficial in ensuring benefits are obtained.

Signs a Worker Needs a Lawyer

Not all worker’s compensation claims require the help of a lawyer. Some injured employees are treated fairly and receive their benefits promptly. This is the best scenario and helps to secure employee/employer relations. When the following issues begin to arise, it behooves an injured worker to seek the help of a is:

  • The employer is denying the injury occurred and will not file a claim with their insurance company.
  • The employer does not have worker’s compensation insurance coverage.
  • The insurance company has denied the claim.
  • The insurance adjuster is demanding previous medical records.
  • The injured worker has pre-existing injuries.
  • The settlement being offered does not seem fair and does not cover the amount deserved.
  • The injured worker has a third-party claim.

Prepare For the Consultation

To get started on the process of getting help from a lawyer, it is important an injured worker calls to schedule a consultation appointment. This appointment allows the worker to inform their lawyer of all that has occurred with their accident on the job.

The lawyer will begin an investigation and start the process of working with the employer and insurance company. Although the injured worker cannot pursue a lawsuit against their employer, they do have the right to pursue a lawsuit against any third parties, and a lawyer can help their client understand their best form of legal recourse.

If you have been injured on the job and are experiencing any of the above issues with your worker’s compensation claim, contact the from. Contact them today, so your consultation appointment can be scheduled.

They will be happy to help you pursue your benefits. With their help, you can receive the worker’s compensation benefits you deserve.