Seek Advice from a Child Custody Attorney in Mequon, WI to Ensure Your Rights

In the state of Wisconsin, the subject of custody refers to a legal decision-making authority. Usually, the decision is made for a joint child custody arrangement in a divorce case. Typically, this type of arrangement is thought to be in the best interests of a child, provided that both parents are fit and can take on the responsibility.

How Placement Works

Placement of a child then refers to the parents’ rights and care for their child when the child is in their custody or care. Therefore, a placement order, such as one prepared by the Fraker Law Firm, S.C., means that when a child is placed with a parent, that parent will make the daily decisions about the child’s needs. The care that is given should parallel closely with the decisions made under the custody agreement. The placement order also addresses where and with which parent a child spends his or her time.

Therefore, a child custody attorney in Mequon, WI can assist you in making sure that your custody arrangements are made with the best interests of your children in mind. In most cases, the court will establish a parenting schedule within the placement order. The schedule is designed so a child has meaningful periods of placement with each of the parents in a divorce.

Choose an Experienced Legal Professional

So, if you need a child custody attorney, make sure he or she is well-versed in divorce procedures and family law. When you consult with a lawyer, he or she can help you with the communications needed to mediate and cooperate in a divorce and child custody settlement.

The child custody attorney you choose should be well-recognized in negotiating these kinds of cases. If you want to ensure your rights and the rights of your child, you need an experienced legal representative. Child support and placement depends on the placement schedule as well as each of the parent’s incomes. By hiring an attorney, you can ensure that all the criteria are met in a divorce settlement.