Reviewing Expectations with a Probation Violation Lawyer in Lancaster County

In Pennsylvania, defendants who don’t have prior criminal records receive probation after a conviction. The assignments require the defendant to follow specific terms throughout their probation term. Failure to follow the terms leads to a violation. A probation violation lawyer in Lancaster County offers assistance for defendants that violated their probation.

What Are Standard Probation Requirements?

The individual must meet with their probation officer during every scheduled appointment. Any changes such as employment or a change of address are reported to the probation officer immediately. All fines or fees required from the defendant are paid by their probation officer.

Individuals on probation aren’t allowed to possess firearms and any weapons. The use of drugs or alcohol is also prohibited. The probation officer receives a notification if the defendant is accused of possessing a weapon. Random drug and alcohol tests are also conducted by probation officers.

Reviewing the Terms of Their Release

The terms of the defendant’s release are followed at all time, or a revocation of their probation is issued. For example, defendants who were convicted of domestic violence must follow the terms of the protection order. Failure to follow the terms leads to a new criminal charge. Individuals who are on probation face punishment for a violation if a new charge is filed against them.

Leaving the State

Travels outside the state require advance approval. The defendant must contact their probation officer to receive permission. The most common reasons that out-of-state travels are permitted include a death in the family or family-related illnesses. Individuals on probation don’t receive permission for leisurely travels. If the defendant is caught, a new charge is filed, and they are arrested on sight.

Community Services Requirements

The court assigns community services for defendants on probation at times. The defendant must complete all assignments as directed by the court. Any agencies for which the defendant didn’t complete their community services will report the failure to the court.

In Pennsylvania, defendants on probation must avoid a violation to remain out of jail. The assignment is provided for defendants who don’t have an extensive criminal background. The lessen sentence enables the defendant to work and remain in their home during their probation period. Defendants facing additional charges should contact a probation violation lawyer in Lancaster County through the Law Office of Melissa R. Montgomery now.

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