Retaining a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Murrieta, CA

by | Jun 13, 2018 | Lawyer

When a date with an acquaintance leads to bodily harm, taking steps to stop future occurrences from taking place is compelling. There are several steps to take after an injury happens to receive justice and stop the person from hurting others. Here are some points to take into consideration if you recently suffered a similar situation.

Get to a Safe Location

It is extremely important to get away from the person who caused the injury in order to avoid further complications. As soon as the situation presents itself, get to a location where others are present. Going to a public place will help to keep violence from continuing as the person doing harm will fear someone else will alert authorities or become involved.

Alert Authorities About the Occurrence

Make a call to local law enforcement to inform them about the incident. They will make sure a report and details about the situation are documented in order to be used in a court of law if needed. Authorities will also make sure the person who caused the injury is taken away from the location if needed.

Get Medical Assistance Right Away

Go to a local hospital to have a complete evaluation done to determine the extent of injuries sustained. The information collected by doctors will come in handy if a court case arises. It is also important to get medical attention to heal quickly and properly.

Get an Attorney for Representation

Calling a domestic violence lawyer in Murrieta, CA after an injury occurs is best. They will inquire about the timeline of events leading up to the injury and will provide legal representation in court if the injured party wishes to press charges against their attacker.

When there is a need to see a domestic violence lawyer in Murrieta, CA, hiring one with plenty of prior experience is important. Take the time to browse the website of the Law Office of Michelle Penna to find out more about the services provided to clients and to get contact information.

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