Reasons Why You May Need a Legal Malpractice Attorney in Mansfield, CT

When you hire an attorney, you’re trusting them to do a service for you. Any business you conduct with your lawyer is protected by certain guidelines, and when those guidelines are broken, the lawyer can be sued for legal malpractice. If you think that your attorney committed legal malpractice, you should bring your case to the attention of a legal malpractice attorney.

Violation of Attorney-Client Privilege

When you hire an attorney, they agree to protect your rights. This means that anything you say to them is in confidentiality and protected under the attorney-client privilege agreement. If your attorney has released your information to an outside source, then you have a case that you should speak to a legal malpractice attorney in Mansfield, CT.

You Didn’t Authorize a Settlement

It’s the job of your attorney to communicate with you about what’s going on in your case. Because of this, you must agree to the terms of a settlement before they’re allowed to accept it. If your attorney violated this agreement and authorized a settlement without your permission, then get more details here about finding a legal malpractice attorney in your area.

There’s a Conflict of Interest

A lawyer should have your best interests in mind at all times. This means that your attorney can’t have a conflict of interest standing in the way of doing their job. If you’ve found out that your attorney has a relationship with the opposing side, then you should speak to a legal malpractice attorney as soon as possible.

It can be hard to trust a lawyer once you’ve felt betrayed by one, but it’s important that you remember that not all attorneys will break your trust. If you feel that you’ve been burned by your attorney, reach out to a qualified legal malpractice attorney today!