Reasons Why a Personal Injury Lawyer in Vernon CT Accepts or Rejects a Case

Over the years, people are likely to hear about at least one personal injury client that no lawyer would represent. Now, faced with a claim of their own and a reluctant insurance company, they wonder what factors lead a Personal Injury Lawyer in Vernon CT to accept a client. Since these attorneys typically provide complimentary initial consultations, there’s no harm in scheduling an appointment and asking some questions.

Sometimes there is a problem with rapport with a potential client, in that the lawyer doesn’t feel comfortable with this person. However, if a person with a legal injury case has been turned away by numerous attorneys, something else is probably going on.

A Settlement Offer That’s Fairly Reasonable

The most obvious reason is that the case simply is not worth enough for a Personal Injury Lawyer in Vernon CT to spend the required time. People sometimes believe they might get rich from an accident claim, but receiving $1 million or more in damages is very rare. Usually, the person receives payment for all related medical bills and lost wages, and compensation for ongoing therapy, adaptive equipment like crutches, home nursing care and prescription medication.

If the individual has received a settlement offer for $10,000 and believes the case is worth $15,000, there is little point for the injured person in pursuing legal representation. The standard contingency fee is 33 percent of the full settlement, meaning the client would not come out ahead financially.

Relatively Low Expenses

Another situation is when the insurance company refuses to pay anything, but the medical expenses and lost wages are relatively low, such as under $3,000. Most lawyers do not want to spend a great deal of time on a case that will only bring in $1,000. Their expenses might run close to that when factoring in writing letters to the insurer, obtaining documentation and filing it with the court, and paying staff members.

Other Factors

Sometimes, however, an injury case has other factors that should be compensated. A serious accident may result in ongoing psychological trauma or reduced quality of life, for example. Conferring with an organization such as Kahan, Kerensky and Capossela LLP is a sensible step.