Reasons to Get Bankruptcy Debt Relief

If a person always seems to have more month at the end of their money, they may need financial help. A bankruptcy debt relief lawyer can help in a variety of situations, whether the client needs to file chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. Clients should be aware of these signs that they may need a bankruptcy attorney.

Stacks of Unpaid Bills

No matter how much someone struggles, they may not have enough money to pay their bills each month. If a person has more than a few past-due notices or they can’t afford to make the minimum monthly payments on credit cards, they should consider talking to a bankruptcy lawyer.

Repeated Calls from Debt Collectors

It happens more frequently than many people realize: a person avoids answering their phone because it’s always a creditor or bill collector on the line. When someone has insufficient cash flow to make a payment arrangement, they have little to offer, so they ignore the calls. A bankruptcy debt relief lawyer can help clients get an automatic stay that prevents creditor harassment.

Lawsuits from Creditors

When a person’s creditors are getting ready to sue over legitimate debts – or they’ve already done so – meeting with a bankruptcy or debt relief lawyer should be tops on the to-do list.

Eviction and Foreclosure Notices

It can be frightening to receive a default notice on mortgage or rent payments, especially if one has children to care for. If the debtor doesn’t have an inheritance or settlement to bridge the gap, they should consult a bankruptcy lawyer for advice.

Vehicle Repossessions

Dodging the repo man and hoping the lender doesn’t remotely disable the vehicle is no fun. When a person is facing repossession, they should consult a bankruptcy lawyer.

An Attorney Can Recommend the Right Bankruptcy Chapter

At website, a bankruptcy lawyer will counsel the client and recommend either chapter 7 or chapter 13 (commonly known as the wage earner’s bankruptcy) to relieve the burden of debt. These lawyers know what clients are going through, and they will work hard to protect the client’s rights and get a fresh start.

If a client wants to end every month with enough money, they can contact a local bankruptcy lawyer. Call the office to schedule an appointment or visit the firm’s website to find out more about their legal services.