Questions To Ask Disability Attorneys

Hiring disability attorneys in Kansas City can improve the chances of you being granted Social Security disability benefits. It is important however that the attorneys you hire are experienced, skilled and knowledgeable. The better disability attorneys are happy for you to schedule a no-cost initial consultation. Remember, during this consultation both you and the attorneys should be asking questions; them to see if they wish to handle the case and you to see if you wish them to handle for you.

There are important questions to be asked:

Licensed: It is not necessary to be an attorney to represent applicants for disability benefits; however, there are numerous benefits to having a licensed attorney. Attorneys are usually far more knowledgeable with the rules, laws and regulations under which Social Security works. If your case should end up in Federal court, only a licensed attorney can plead your case. As the fees are almost always the same there is really no reason not to hire disability attorneys in Kansas City.

What is the fee? The fees are set by Federal statute; they are based on 25 percent of the back pay you are granted up to a maximum of $6,000. As the attorney’s fees are paid directly from your back pay you do not have to put any money up front to get the best firm.

Does the attorney specialize in disability law? Disability law is very complex and is a highly specialized area of law. You should not hire an attorney that is not a specialist in this field.

As a typical application takes over a year until approval is granted you will want to know which member of the firm will be handling your case and how you can reach the
attorney for periodic updates on your application. Don’t think for one minute that disability attorneys in Kansas City will be offended when you ask questions, they are happy to know that you are willing to take the time to get the best.

If you want the best disability attorneys in Kansas City you have to ask the right questions. When you contact the Grundy Disability Group you are invited to a free consultation where both you and the attorneys can evaluate the merits of your case.