Questions to Ask a Truck Accident Attorney in Norwich, CT

Hundreds of thousands of commercial truck accidents occur every year, with many leading to serious injury and death. Those involved in trucking accidents face debilitating injuries, high medical bills, and time away from their jobs. A truck accident attorney in Norwich, CT can help a victim get the compensation they need to get back on their feet. Below are a few questions to ask an attorney after a trucking accident.

Who’s Responsible?

If a commercial vehicle driver runs a red light and hits another vehicle, the answer to this question may seem obvious. However, because of the vicarious liability doctrine, the driver’s employer might share responsibility. An attorney will investigate to determine liability for a crash. The responsible party might be the driver, the company, or the truck’s manufacturer if defective parts caused the accident.

What Type of Damages Are Recoverable?

Damages are the economic losses a victim sustains because of a trucking accident. These may include auto repair costs, lost wages, medical bills, and emotional distress. A truck accident attorney in Norwich, CT will tally the victim’s damages to put an approximate value on the case.

Has the Firm Worked on Trucking Accident Cases in the Past?

In commercial vehicle accidents, evidentiary requirements are stricter. A victim and their attorney may need the truck’s maintenance history, the driver’s logs, and other data to build a successful case. Though trucking companies are legally required to retain this data, not all do. An attorney will interpret the data in a way that strengthens the case.

Does the Firm Take Cases to Trial?

While a lawyer will make every attempt to settle a case out of court, some trucking companies refuse to make fair settlement offers to accident victims. If this occurs, the victim needs an attorney who will litigate the case and help them recover the funds they need.

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