Product Liability Attorney in New London, CT Offers Free Consultations

by | Mar 29, 2016 | Lawyer

Life isn’t easy for someone who’s been seriously injured due to an automobile accident or a defective product. A it is especially not easy if their loved one died in a hospital because of something a doctor or health caregiver caused. Their life will never be the same after such dreadful event. They will need help for the rest of their lives, such as money to pay their medical bills; not to mention debts, house payments and college education for their children. Since they have no idea how they’ll manage, they’re going to have to call an attorney to sue the negligent party that caused their pain and suffering.

Stephen M. Reck is a product liability attorney in New London, CT who believes his clients deserve justice. He works with people who have suffered personal injuries due to the failure of a product, which could be a vehicle’s brakes, seat belts or air bags. It could be a baby’s car seat or a baby’s swing that broke when the child was swinging, causing dire injuries. A product that causes injury because it didn’t work the way it was supposed to, or a child’s toy painted with lead paint causing lead poisoning, leads to manufacturers being sued.

Time is of the essence. Every state has its own laws regarding the length of time an injured person has for suing before their state’s statute of limitations expires. Attorneys realize that injured people may not give time limitations much thought, simply because they’re hurting too badly. It’s to every person’s interest who has been injured by a defective product to talk to an attorney as soon as they can. Log on to for more information.

Talking to a product liability attorney in New London, CT won’t cost a thing since consultations are free. If an attorney feels a case can be won and offers to represent a client, they can expect a good outcome when it’s all said and done. Attorneys have represented countless people who’ve received extremely high compensation from a negligent party’s insurance company.

Some cases are settled out of court when insurance companies realize they have no chance of winning. Severely injured people deserve to be compensated for the pain, injuries and suffering they and their families have gone through because of a defective product or accident of any kind. Browse the website for more information.

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