Only Get Legal Advice in Burlington, VT from a Lawyer

It’s easy to be an armchair lawyer. Lots of television shows and movies show the behind-the-scenes activities of lawyers, talk about how to handle an arrest, and more. Plus, it’s possible to look up just about anything online today to learn more. However, it’s never a good idea to get legal advice in Burlington, VT anywhere except from a lawyer.

Laws Vary by Jurisdiction

That is the biggest reason it’s important to only follow legal advice from a lawyer. Laws and how they’re carried out will vary between cities, counties and states. There are also differences between how laws may be carried out depending on if they’re local or federal statutes. A person who has been arrested will want to make sure they understand any charges they’re facing, not what might happen if they lived somewhere else.

Laws Are Adjusted for Television and Movies

Most people pick up a lot from television and movies. Even when the shows try to be as accurate as possible, they still typically adjust the laws to fit the story they’re trying to tell. If the person is watching a documentary or a true-to-life show, it’s still possible that the laws may be different because the story being told takes place in another location or at another point in time when the laws may have been different than they are today.

Internet Articles Can Be Wrong

Many websites offer legal sources for those who want to learn more about the charges they’re facing. While these articles can be accurate for the location, there’s still the possibility that they have incorrect information or that the information contained in an article is outdated. It’s better to speak with a lawyer who knows what has changed and how it might impact the person’s case.

If you’ve been arrested, don’t worry about what you’ve seen on television, what your friends and family are saying about your arrest, or about what you’ve read online. Just seek legal advice in Burlington VT so you avoid any mistakes that can make it more difficult for you to defend against the charges you’re facing. Visit Jason J. Sawyer, Attorney & Counselor at Law online now to learn more or to get the advice you need to fight criminal charges.