Managing A Dog Attack With A Personal Injury Attorney In Ottawa County

In Michigan, dog attacks occur due to a failure to maintain control over the dog. Pet owners must keep their dog on a leash or within an outdoor enclosure to prevent attacks. The laws also require them to obtain vaccinations for the rabies virus. A Personal Injury Attorney in Ottawa County assists victims who were injured in a dog attack.

Filing the Initial Report

The victim reports the dog attack through their doctor or contacts the animal control officer directly. After the attack is reported, the animal control officer visits the dog owner’s home. The dog owner must provide an updated vaccination record for the dog. Any dog that wasn’t vaccinated must undergo a quarantine period to determine if the dog has rabies.

Evaluating the Dog

A licensed vet performs the examination and monitors the dog throughout the quarantine period. All necessary shots are provided for the dog. If the vet determines that the dog isn’t a threat, the dog is often released to their owner. However, the dog owner must pay the full cost of the quarantine and all fees for the vaccinations and examination.

Strict Liabilities for Dog Owners

Strict liability applies if the dog was involved in previous attacks. Upon the discovery of additional attacks, the dog owner is held to strict liability. The victim could receive tort-based awards for pain and suffering in addition to compensation.

The Outcome for the Case

The potential outcome of a dog attack case includes full compensation for all financial losses for the victim. The losses include all medical expenses, lost wages, and any ongoing treatments. If strict liabilities apply, the tort-based ruling stands, and dog owner must provide the additional monetary award. If the injuries lead to disability or permanent condition, the monetary award is increased considerably.

In Michigan, the reason for a dog attack defines whether or not the victim shares the blame for their injuries. Any dog attack that was caused by the actions of the victim disqualifies the victim for compensation. Victims who have a viable claim that needs the help of a Personal Injury Attorney in Ottawa County contact Bleakley Law Offices P C right now.