Making the Most of a Social Security Legal Service in Wilkes-Barre, PA

When people have worked most of their lives and somehow becomes disabled, the last thing they need is headache from the social security office about getting their disability pension. Yet, many people file for social security disability and are denied for many reasons. A lot of times, the reasons that people are denied is because they did not truly understand what the process required. Thus, in order to be successful, it would behoove people to make the most of legal services that will help with social security. A Social Security Legal Service in Wilkes-Barre PA helps clients to understand the process so that they will have a better chance of being approved.

The biggest mistake people make is assuming that they can collect social security disability just because their doctor says they can’t work. Information must be more substantial than just the doctor’s word. First of all, the individual must be considered disabled by the social security disability review board. The person must not be able to work in any field for which he or she is qualified. If the individual is working part time, there is only so much that can be made.

The social security disability review board will look at the applicant’s testimony, the medical testimony of his or her doctor, and the medical testimony of a doctor approved by the social security disability board. To start the process of getting social security disability, the claimant must start with the social security office. At the appointment, the office will get the work history, earning history, education and skills, when the person became disabled and the reports from the doctor. Most of the time, the request is denied. At this point, an attorney should be hired.

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