Make Sure Your Covered by Your Workers Compensation Claim in Lafayette, LA

Work accidents happen all of the time. Sometimes they are caused because someone wasn’t paying attention. In other cases, they are caused because a workplace isn’t as safe as it should be. Regardless of the cause of the accident, the law requires a business owner to pay for the cost of treatment as well as missed time from work. This is usually done through workers compensation insurance. Once an accident occurs, it’s important to immediately file a Workers Compensation Claim in Lafayette LA or else the injuries may not be covered.

Filing a Claim

If someone has an employer that is scrupulous, in order to file a workers comp claim, they only need to tell their employer that they are inured. Their supervisor or manager should then file the report and make arrangement for the employee to see a doctor or go to a clinic.

Some employers will try to convince an employee that they don’t need to see a doctor. It’s best to ignore this advice, however. An employer isn’t looking out for their employees when they make this suggestion, they are only looking out for themselves and trying to keep their insurance rates from going up.

When a Claim is Denied

Unfortunately, there are instances where a Workers Compensation Claim in Lafayette LA is denied. This happens more frequently than it should, and it’s an insurance company’s way of reducing their costs. In Louisiana, employees have a right to appeal their denial with the state. Hiring a lawyer for the appeal can increase the odds of the claim being accepted the second time through. If it’s still denied, then the lawyer can help to file a suit against the insurance company for coverage.

When an Employer has no Insurance

Louisiana is one of the stricter states when it comes to workers comp insurance. They require that every company with one or more employees maintain this coverage. When a business lets this lapse, this means the employees have no medical coverage when injured at work. If this happens, a lawyer will be needed to file a suit and then follow up on the collection options once the lawsuit is won.

If you’ve had an accident at work and your workers comp coverage isn’t providing like it should, you may need a lawyer. Visit to schedule a consultation with a lawyer who just might be able to help.