Legal Services That a Personal Injury Lawyer in Tampa Can Provide to You

If you have been hurt in an accident, you have no idea at first what kind of legal recourse that you can take. You wonder if you have a case to sue the responsible party. You also wonder if the court would ever decide in your favor.

Rather than search the internet or ask friends for this information, you can find out for sure by consulting with a legal professional. By going to a free consultation with a personal injury attorney in Tampa, FL, you can find out what legal steps are available for you to take right now.

Filing a Lawsuit

When you meet with a personal injury attorney in Tampa, FL, you can learn immediately how to file a lawsuit against the person or business that’s responsible for your injuries. Your lawyer could advise you to pursue a lawsuit if your damages total into the thousands of dollars. This legal step could be the only way to persuade the other party to make financial amends with you.

After you file a lawsuit, the other party has a deadline of 60 days to respond. They can offer you a settlement in exchange for you dropping the lawsuit against them. Your lawyer can vet a worthy settlement for your damages.

Accepting a Settlement

Before you sign any papers agreeing to a settlement, you need your lawyer to read over the documents and agree to the sum of money being offered. The amount of cash being offered in a settlement needs to cover your expenses not only in the present moment but also for years into the future especially if you cannot go back to work to earn an income for your family.

A personal injury attorney can help you take legal recourse. You can file a lawsuit or work out a settlement offer.