Legal Services in Nassau County, NY Offers Insight Into a Comprehensive Estate Plan

Many people feel estate planning is all about what happens to a person’s assets after they die. While it is true that Legal Services Nassau County NY do cover this topic, there is more to estate planning than just this one particular aspect. In fact, some people feel power of attorney issues can be even more significant in the estate planning process.

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney can be a significantly important issue, especially for people that have complicated financial dealings they have to attend to on a daily or weekly basis. If a person were to become injured to the point of not being able to handle their own affairs, power of attorney documentation can be extremely important.

It’s also going be important if someone develops a debilitating disease or a medical condition that renders them incapable of carrying out their normal duties. Attorneys providing Legal Services Nassau County NY can advise their clients regarding the best way to set up a power of attorney.

What it Does

This sort of documentation names a particular individual, typically a spouse but sometimes it can be a sibling or child, that can take over a person’s affairs should a mental or medical condition prevent them from doing so. This means that whether it’s cashing checks, writing checks, paying bills, or managing a person’s investment portfolio, decisions can be made by the person named in the power of attorney documentation. Visit website for more information.

A Living Will

Another issue is the establishment of a living will. In these instances, should somebody become incapacitated by injury or illness, their express wishes when it comes to medical care or the denial of medical care can be carried out pursuant to a living will. In addition, a person can be named to make medical decisions when the injured or sick individual cannot.

It is important to understand that these aspects of estate planning are just as important as creating a will or preparing for probate. In some situations, this may be the most important issue. Legal Services, like those found at Business Name in Nassau County NY, can make sure that the estate plan that is created is as comprehensive any before death and after death circumstances as humanly possible.