Lawyers in Glen Burnie Represent Clients Hurt in Distracted Driving Incidents

An accident lawyer in Glen Burnie knows that distracted driving is the most frequent cause of vehicle collisions. These days, a great deal of attention is paid to texting while driving, but other types of distraction are also common causes of accidents. A primary example involves drivers looking away from the road to watch something going on, such as an accident in another lane.


Craning one’s neck to see something from behind the wheel is referred to as rubbernecking. The behavior has been verified as one of the most prevalent causes of accidents and traffic jams on highways.

Many people have a morbid sense of curiosity compelling them to stare at wreckage after a collision. If the driver doesn’t slow down, they can easily hit the car in front. Multiple-car pile-ups are a common result. An accident lawyer in Glen Burnie represents clients who have been seriously injured in these incidents.

Picture Taking

A disturbing trend is the taking of pictures of accidents from behind the wheel. This further increases the risk of causing another collision. The advent of the smartphone has made this a huge temptation, but it is dangerous behavior.

Relevant Statistics

Research indicates that about 25 percent of automobile collisions are the result of distracted driving. Around half of these incidents are caused by rubbernecking. Others happen because drivers are distracted by their phones, children or dogs in the car, or dropping food on the floor. People injured in these accidents may reach out to Jaklitsch Law Group with contact details provided at the website