Lawyers in Cicero Will Help You Through Your DUI Charges

Anyone who drives while under the influence can place themselves and others in danger, which is why so many states are cracking down hard on trying to prevent people from making the mistake of driving when they are impaired. This means stiffer penalties that could include jail time on a first offense. When people make a mistake and drive while under the influence, they still hold rights that must be honored. A person’s rights can be fully protected when they hire the lawyers near Cicero, and they have a better chance of getting a favorable outcome in their trial.

A person needs to hire lawyers in Cicero as soon as they are brought in for questioning. One should never allow themselves to be questioned without their lawyer being present, as they could inadvertently give the police further information to increase their charges. With a lawyer present, certain questions can be avoided, and a person’s rights can be protected so they are treated fairly. In some cases, a lawyer can help to prevent a person from being charged, though this is not always possible.

Trials can vary in length and intensity based on the charges that a person is being charged with. The lawyer will work to help a defendant avoid jail time by working to plea bargain the case. Sometimes, this can allow first-time offenders to have their charges reduced, so they only have to pay a fine or face community service instead of facing jail.

Even with a lawyer, no outcome can be guaranteed. They will work to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved, but it is ultimately up to the judge, district attorney and jury to make the final decision. No person should have to face criminal charges without a lawyer, which is why the law provides one for people who cannot afford one.

If you are facing DUI charges and need legal help, contact Koch & Associates P.C. Attorneys At Law today, as they have team of experts that provide you the legal guidance you need.