Injured Victims Need to Contact the Brabazon Law Office LLC

Personal injuries are the most common reason for individuals needing to seek a lawsuit for a civil matter. A personal injury can be physical, mental, or emotional. When a person is injured because of another, it behooves the injured victim to seek help from the Brabazon Law Office LLC.

Steps Involved in Filing a Lawsuit

After an injured victim has met with the lawyers at the Brabazon Law Office LLC, they will better understand how much their claim is worth and what they can expect from the steps involved in the process. The following must be carried out for a lawsuit to be started:

• A complaint will first need to be filed in court. This legal document outlines the complaint the plaintiff has, who it is against, and the reasons for the court having jurisdiction over the complaint.

• Along with the complaint, a summons must be filed. This notifies the defendant of the complaint, gives them a time limit on responding, and notifies them of the consequences of failure to respond. The summons will be delivered to the defendant and then they will have time to give an answer.

• The answer is the response from the plaintiff. Plaintiffs will usually respond to each paragraph of the complaint, with a response of denied, admitted, or insufficient knowledge.

Once these steps are carried out, the process will continue with any counterclaims, responses, cross-claims, and answers to cross-claims. This can sometimes be a lengthy process, but the lawyer will handle much of the legwork for their client.

Some Cases are Settled Outside of Court

When both parties are willing to reach a settlement agreement, a lawsuit can be avoided. Settlement agreements are sometimes reached after the summons is sent and can even be reached in the middle of a trial.

If you have suffered a personal injury and would like legal help, Visit the Website. Scheduling a consultation allows injured victims to speak with the lawyer about their case so they can determine the best form of recourse.

Hiring a lawyer often means a contingency agreement. These agreements protect an injured person because they will not have to pay unless their claim is won. Call today if you would like to schedule your appointment.