Injured as a Passenger? Call an Accident Lawyer in Murfreesboro, TN

In an auto accident case, injured passengers often have rights where drivers have none. For instance, if both drivers are responsible for the accident, the injured passenger’s recovery isn’t limited as the driver’s is. Read on to learn how an Accident Lawyer Murfreesboro TN can help injured passengers protect their rights.

Passengers Can’t Be Responsible

Unlike drivers, passengers cannot be held responsible for auto accidents. Therefore, they are entitled to make a full recovery for their damages. Passengers can sue the driver of the car in which they rode, the other party, or both. This right is particularly important when a passenger’s damages exceed both drivers’ coverage limits. In such a case, a passenger can sue both drivers to get full compensation or the maximum amount allowable under both parties’ insurance policies.

Comparative Fault

There’s a notable caveat to the statements made in the section above. If a person knowingly rides along with a driver who is intoxicated, and that person causes an accident in which the passenger is injured, the passenger’s insurance claim may be denied. The insurer may say the passenger assumed the risk of an accident and his or her subsequent injuries. The comparative negligence doctrine applies here, and the passenger’s recovery would be limited according to his or her share of responsibility.

When the Other Driver Doesn’t Own the Vehicle They’re Driving

If a driver isn’t the registered owner of a vehicle, write the owner’s name and address down. Under most states’ laws, a car’s registered owner can be held liable due to the doctrine of permissive use, and they may also be held liable if they knowingly lend their vehicle to someone who’s intoxicated or known to be a poor driver.

When Fault Isn’t Clear-Cut

When both parties blame one another for an accident, an injured passenger may not know where to turn. These cases can become quite complicated, and it’s important for victims to be represented by a knowledgeable Accident Lawyer Murfreesboro TN.

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