Information To Give A Personal Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor

When someone falls inside of a business, leading to an injury they believe was caused by neglect of the care of the floor in the establishment, they may decide to hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor to help in retaining compensation for the incident. There are several pieces of information that should be obtained in order to help in the proving of who was to blame for the accident. Here is some of the necessary evidence the injured party should get to their attorney promptly.

Witnesses Should Be Identified So Statements Can Be Collected

It is important to find out if anyone was present in the area where the person had fallen as they can give statements to be used as evidence about how the occurrence transpired. The business will be able to provide information pertaining to customers who had been in the building at the time of the incident. Asking people to provide phone numbers to be called later if needed will also be helpful.

Surveillance Sources Should Be Found So Footage Can Be Evaluated

If someone took photographs of the incident, they can be used as evidence in the positioning of the person’s body after the fall took place. Photographs may also show the condition of the floor. If the business had surveillance cameras on-site, the footage may show the person falling as well. An attorney will help in getting this necessary evidence to bring to a court of law if needed.

Find Out Information About The Floor’s Maintenance Schedule

The business may have logs showing how often the floor had been maintained. If repair work was done to the floor, the dates maintenance fixed it may be helpful in showing neglect was to blame for the fall. A time line in the care of the floor will help in showing necessary repair work or cleaning was not done as frequently as needed.

When there is a need to hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor, finding one with experience in slip and fall accidents is important. Contact Otto Law Offices today to find out more about the services offered or to make an appointment for a consultation.