Identifying The Necessary Steps With Asylum Attorneys in Boca Raton FL

Asylum is an assignment that could prevent heinous crimes in foreign countries. The assignment allows the United States courts to take action to protection individuals who are in grave danger. Asylum attorneys Boca Raton FL assist immigrants who have escaped these conditions and need this level of protection.

Circumstances That Warrant Asylum

The circumstances that warrant an asylum assignment relate to potential persecution, fear, or the threat of death. The basis of the persecution should fall under specific categories. They could include the individual’s race, religion, or participation in a certain social group. Their nationality or political opinion could also play a role in these cases.

What Options Are Available to Achieve Asylum?

Asylum is granted based on two possible methods. Through affirmative asylum, the individual must flee their country and enter the United States. The law doesn’t consider the manner in which these victims entered the country and don’t use it as a factor in their decision making. If this option is chosen, the victim must file an application before twelve months have passed.

Next, defensive asylum is granted based on a need to remain in the country. This method is used to prevent victims from a forced return to their resident country. A judge must approve asylum during a hearing through each method. Affirmative asylum is determined by a judge within the EOIR.

What Happens If the Asylum Request Is Denied?

If the EOIR judge denies the request for asylum, an attorney could present the case to a higher court. During these proceedings, petitions could be sent to the executive level of government. A sitting president has the authority to grant asylum to individuals and groups who face persecution in their resident country. Once granted, the individuals must complete the naturalization process as directed by USCIS.

Victims of extreme crimes and mistreatment stemming from discriminatory beliefs should seek asylum, as this assignment grants them the ability to remain in the country until their circumstances change. It could also lead to the possibility of gaining permanent citizenship. Victims who need assistance with these assignments should contact Voloshen Law Firm P.C, asylum attorneys to acquire more information and protection locally.