How Can A Family Law Attorney In Rochester, MN Help In Domestic Violence Cases?

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Lawyer

In Minnesota, domestic violence is identified in family law cases when spouses and children are involved. The law provides assistance for victims of domestic violence who remain endangered. A Family Law Attorney in Rochester MN assists victims with domestic violence cases and help them remain safe after an attack.

Protection and/or Restraining Orders

After domestic violence occurs, a family law attorney files a motion to obtain a protection or restraining order. The court order identifies terms in which the aggressor must follow or face additional criminal charges. The standard requirements prohibit the aggressor from visiting or contacting the victim. However, the court could add extra terms such as the aggressor cannot drink alcohol and/or use controlled substances. In some cases, the victim is relocated for their protection.

Supervised Visitation with Children

If the victim is a child, the family court could adjust the child custody arrangement. The parent who wasn’t accused of domestic violence can petition the court to require supervised visitation for the defendant. If the request for supervised visitation is granted, an officer of the court remains present throughout the aggressor’s visits with the child.

Seeking Sole Custody of a Child

If a parent is convicted of domestic violence, it is possible for the other parent to file a petition for sole child custody. The assignment provides the parent with full authority over the minor child. They aren’t required to consult the noncustodial parent about any decisions related to the child.

The Termination of Parental Rights

It is possible for a parent to seek the termination of their former spouse’s parental rights. Parental rights are terminated in domestic violence cases when the victim was the child. However, if the defendant is sentenced to at least two years in prison, their rights can be terminated to protect their child and/or their former spouse.

In Minnesota, domestic violence cases can involve spouses, children, siblings, and former romantic partners. The offenses include but aren’t limited to threats and bodily harm caused by current or former members of the same household. The law allows victims of domestic violence to acquire protection through law enforcement and the court. Victims who need legal help from a Family Law Attorney in Rochester MN can Browse the Site right now.

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