How Beneficial Is A Jail Bond In Atlanta?

Georgia defendants could acquire beneficial services through a local bail bondsman. A bondsman provides services that aid the release of individuals who are facing criminal charges in the local county lockup. A Jail Bond in Atlanta could reduce the waiting period for release for these defendants.

A Lower Payment Requirement

A bail bond is obtainable through a reduced value than bail. The typical requirements range up to twelve percent of the assigned bail amount. An individual who is managing these requirements for the defendant could secure a bail bond by providing a cash, check, or debit card payment. The bail bondsman provides them with the exact amount required to secure the bond after obtaining vital details about the case.

Using Collateral to Secure Release

A bondsman will accept certain types of collateral in lieu of a cash payment. The most commonly-used collateral is appraised jewelry, real property, and automobiles. However, collateral isn’t limited to these items only. Select bondsman acquires the balance of a checking or savings account if it provides adequate security of the bond. They may also accept ownership of stocks or certificates of deposit as collateral.

Quicker Release from County Lockup

The turnaround time for release from county lockup depends on certain factors. The bail value isn’t set until the defendant has been arraigned. This process begins according to the schedule followed by the local criminal court. The bondsman also needs the name of the defendant, the name of the facility in which they are being held, and the assigned booking number. Access to this information could affect the defendant’s release. However, once the bond is acquired, the release occurs within a few hours.

Immediate Assistance Without an Attorney

A bondsman may represent the defendant during the arraignment. They can negotiate with the judge to reduce or eliminate the bail value. However, a bondsman isn’t an attorney and cannot represent the defendant during their trial.

Georgia defendants have the chance to obtain release from county lockup through a bail bond. These documents represent a smaller portion of the assigned bail value. However, they indicate that the bondsman will ensure a court appearance by the defendant. Individuals who need to secure a Jail Bond in Atlanta should visit the website to acquire further information today.