How A Social Security Law Firm Can Help

Social Security is a federal government program that provides monthly cash payment for those who have reached mandatory retirement age and those that suffer from a mental or physical disability. A Social Security law firm in Tennessee has attorneys that have in-depth knowledge of Social Security law. Rarely would these attorneys be called upon to assist with a retirement benefit application, the greatest majority of the work they do is assisting those that have been denied disability benefits.

The claim must prove a disability exists:

The initial application for benefits must prove to the Social Security Administration that the claim is valid and the applicant is not capable of performing substantive work for pay. The claims investigator uses all the supporting documentation along with the information contained in the application to determine whether the application will be approved or benefits will be denied. Unfortunately, even applications which are well documented can and are routinely denied, when this happens it is a wise decision to consult with a Social Security law firm in Tennessee.

How attorneys can help:

Social Security attorneys are well versed on the laws, rules and regulations that govern Social Security; they are often consulted when an individual is denied disability benefits. In many cases, attorneys will be working with clients that prepared and submitted their own initial application, only to have it refused. The attorney can be of significant help in preparing for an appeal of the decision, the first step of which is reviewing the initial submission and requesting a review of the decision.

The greatest majority of appeals end up on the desk of an administrative law judge. The attorney will provide additional substantive data and argue that the client does have a disability that meets the criteria that has been established by the Administration.

If you have been denied disability benefits you are well advised to consult with a Social Security law firm in Tennessee. You are invited to contact the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C. Follow us on twitter.