Hiring a Disability Attorney in Olympia, WA

Mentally ill individuals may have a tough time being approved for disability. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has strict guidelines about disability. To be approved, applicants must have a disabling condition that lasts for at least twelve months or results in death. Further, the condition must keep the applicant from performing substantial gainful employment (SGA). The agency considers SGA earning, at least, $1,090 per month. These guidelines must be met before SSA examines each applicant individually.

Applicants need to understand how SSA works. The agency puts each person under a category of illnesses like affective disorders or anxiety-related disorders. Affective disorders are conditions such as depression or bipolar disorder. On the other hand, PTSD and OCD are anxiety-related. Other categories include schizophrenia and mental retardation. But, it is not enough to fall into a category. Applicants must meet the specific disabling guidelines for each category. A Disability Attorney in Olympia WA disability attorney in Olympia, WA will explain the guidelines refer to the function. Remember that it is not enough to have the condition, it must affect function so applicants cannot work. Visit Putnamlieb.com to learn about how the guidelines affect your disability.

SSA uses medical records and other tools to determine mental residual functional capacity (MRFC). The MRFC is a test of how one functions mentally or emotionally at a job. SSA’s requirements are not always easy to meet. They want applicants to have a specialist complete a MRFC on them. Not all doctors want to get involved, but a disability attorney in Olympia, WA will find someone to work with you. The doctor must evaluate functions such as how one handles daily living. In addition, they will evaluate how the applicant gets along with other people.

Sometimes it is tough to win these claims when a lot of the evidence is subjective. A treating psychiatrist may think the applicant cannot work well with others. On the other hand, the applicant will visit an SSA doctor. This doctor may not be able to see the problem with one visit. That is why it is important to have an attorney to protect your rights as attorneys know how to present the evidence effectively.