Hiring a Custody Lawyer in Douglasville, GA

Divorce is especially painful when minor children are involved, especially if custody is an issue. It is easy to understand why the courts prefer that parents reach an agreement. Years ago, the mother almost always got custody; however, today’s courts make the decision based on the best interests of the children. Judges look at several factors when they make this decision, including age. In addition, they investigate both parents’ mental and physical health. Next, judges feel more comfortable awarding custody when they see a significant bond between parent and child.

In contested situations, people need a custody lawyer in Douglasville, GA. Sometimes, the parents have to go to court because they disagree about many things, including religion. The judge has to balance First Amendment rights against the child’s best interest. It is not unusual for a judge to take a child’s preference into consideration. Hopefully, the parents can make a custody agreement. There are many options, including joint physical custody, which means the children live with both parents. The situation works well if the parents live close to each other, and children love this arrangement because they get to live with mom and dad. For more information, visit Website Domain.

Parents may also have joint legal custody. In this situation, a child lives with one parent, but both make parenting decisions together. Joint legal custody allows a parent to obtain information about the child’s health and education.

Parents who interfere with the other’s custody can be taken to court. The custody lawyer in Douglasville, GA files a Motion for Contempt, outlining the allegations. The judge has to make a ruling and may change custody when a parent continually interferes with custody. It is rare to find a parent with sole custody these days. This custody is reserved for situations where one of the parents is deemed unfit due to drugs or alcohol use. Likewise, they may be guilty of child abuse. Finally, judges often send parents to mediation to resolve custody disputes. The courts prefer that the parties come to an agreement on issues about the children.