Hire an Attorney in Junction City, KS to Fight False Domestic Violence Accusations

Allegations of domestic violence can affect all parts of an accused person’s life. Depending on the specifics of the case, these can affect a person’s job, relationships, child custody, and the ability to visit certain places. The following are a few tips on handling false accusations of domestic violence.

Avoid Behaviors That Can Be Used in Court

If an accuser pursues a court case, all of the accused’s actions are taken into consideration. It’s important to avoid making degrading or demeaning posts on social media and to not leave harassing or threatening voicemails for the accuser, as these actions can be used against an accused in court. It is best to avoid conflict at any cost.

Have Witnesses Nearby

If it’s impossible to avoid an accuser, the accused should ensure that there are witnesses to any interactions. Try to meet in public if possible, as having witnesses can help prevent further abuse allegations.

Keep a Clear Head

Remaining calm is hard when facing false accusations, and out of desperation many try to talk to their accusers. This is a bad idea for various reasons, and a family attorney in Junction City, KS will almost always advise against it. The falsely accused should keep their wits about them and avoid engaging in actions that could be seen as lending credibility to the accusations.

File a Protective Order

In some cases, an abuser will file false accusations as a way to retain control over a victim. If someone has been victimized, they can file their own restraining or protective order.

Seek Legal Counsel

This is a crucial step for anyone facing domestic violence allegations. Getting advice from an experienced attorney in Junction City, KS can ensure that the case is handled correctly. The lawyer will be able to understand the client’s unique situation and put them in the right position to document their innocence.

Many people who face false accusations of domestic violence don’t realize the extent of the damage these allegations can do. It’s important to obtain legal counselling before speaking to law enforcement officials about the case. Call the Oleen Law Firm or visit the website today for additional information.