Hire a Construction Accident Attorney for Help After Being Hurt on the Job

Whether it’s a small, individualized project or an expansive development, construction sites can be dangerous places. Every day, employees face some of the most dangerous conditions seen in any industry, and workplace injuries are common. Safety programs and rules are there to promote awareness on all sides, and a Construction Accident Attorney is there to help those who’ve been hurt on the job.

Construction Site Accidents are Quite Common

Despite efforts to deal with safety challenges, accidents happen due to the nature of the job. Construction site dangers include falls, strikes from falling or moving machinery, exposure hazards, electrocution, and repetitive stress injuries, among others.

Events May Be Complex

If a person is hurt in a construction site accident, the first step should be to consult a construction attorney. Potential issues, including liability determinations and safety standards compliance, all require an attorney to handle the claim.

Who is Responsible for Construction Injuries?

Depending on the nature of the project, there can be many people involved, including landowners, engineers, contractors, site managers, and materials suppliers. While many projects are based on general contractor relationships, larger developments are frequently handled by management companies. These systems are important considerations in assessing liability, especially where site owners are concerned. Generally speaking, the main determination of liability lies in the extent of a party’s control over the site and the work being done.

OSHA Rules

Safety rules under OSHA are in force in most places, and these rules apply to most construction work. Responsibility for OSHA compliance often hinges on control of the construction site or activity. Legal ramifications of an OSHA violation vary, depending on where the injury occurred. In some cases, if it’s proven that a rule was violated, negligence is automatically assumed.

Getting Help

If a person is hurt during construction work, they should get immediate medical attention and report the injury to the site manager. The victim should get names and contact information of potential witnesses and preserve evidence related to the event. The next step should be finding a Construction Accident Attorney to evaluate the claim. Cases are often lost or won based on work done before trial, and an outcome can depend on the work The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel do on the victim’s behalf.