Have You Spoken to a Dog Bite Attorney in Killeen, TX About Your Dog Bite Injuries?

You may love dogs and their companionship. However, you still need to receive compensation if a dog that you believe is friendly ends up biting you. If you did nothing to provoke the animal and you were not trespassing on another person’s property, you should receive compensation for the medical costs that you had to pay for a dog bite injury.

Who to Contact First

The first place you want to begin is with a dog bite attorney in Killeen, TX. Tell him or her about the case and see if you can receive compensation for what you have had to pay in medical costs and related expenses. You should also find out more about non-economic compensation such as pain and suffering. The trauma from being bitten can impact your emotions over time.

What the Law States in Texas

A dog bite attorney is a specialist in the field and knows what legislation has been put in force to take care of this type of personal injury. In Texas, a plaintiff in a dog bite claim must show that the dog’s owner knew that the dog had previously bitten another person in the past or had behaved aggressively. He or she must also show that the owner failed to use care to control the pet or to prevent the bite from happening. In turn, the plaintiff was bitten when the activity could have been prevented.

Collecting the Evidence

If you need help in proving your case, a dog bite attorney will ask you to gather or the evidentiary material for the case, including the medical reports and what you had to pay in this respect. He or she may also ask for any eyewitness testimonies or accounts that can greatly help your case.

Act Now, Not Later

Do you feel that you are owed money for your dog bite injury? If so, time is of the essence when filing this type of claim. Talk to an attorney when you still have the facts of the matter fresh on your mind. Take time now to click here for further details. Schedule a consultation with a dog bite lawyer today. The sooner you act, the sooner you can move forward with your case.