Getting Your Rightful Money Through a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Westbury, NY

by | Jan 2, 2018 | Lawyer

When employees are hurt at work, they have an employer-paid insurance that kicks in called workers’ compensation, which is designed to pay them for their time out of work and any medical bills caused by the injury. Sometimes the insurance doesn’t kick in, and the injured employee might actually have to get legal aid to get paid. A workers’ compensation attorney in Westbury, NY helps clients get what they deserve when they are hurt at work. Here are some of the ways a workers’ compensation attorney can benefit an injured employee.

How Workers’ Compensation Work in New York

Workers’ compensation is an insurance that is paid to the employee by the employer who secures the insurance from a company that specializes in that. In New York, the premiums that the employers must pay have recently increased causing the employers to be more cautious about the employee getting the insurance to begin with. The employer can’t stop a legitimate claim, of course, but the insurance companies will do their best to not pay the employee, if at all possible. A good workers’ compensation lawyer can help a denied employee get what is owed to them.

More on Workers’ Compensation Insurance in New York

The employee who needs to file workers’ compensation has to follow certain strict guidelines to ensure there are no delays in getting the payments. They must report the injury in a timely manner to the employer, and then see the doctors that are necessary to corroborate the need for workers’ compensation. Usually, the insurance will pay the claims as warranted, but there are times when the employee is denied. At that time, a good attorney can be employed best on the employee’s behalf.

A Good Attorney to Call in Westbury, New York

The Law Office of Steven R. Smith has been providing legal solutions for clients in the Westbury, New York area for more than 17 years. In addition to workers’ compensation cases, the law office also provides service for personal injury cases. Any individuals who need a workers’ compensation attorney in Westbury, NY can contact this attorney at visit website. Once there, go to where directed to “click here.”

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