Frequently Asked Questions About Cases Addressed by a Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Manhattan, KS

In Kansas, patients retain the right to file a legal claim against their doctor. These claims are associated with medical errors that produced injuries that could have been prevented. The following are frequently asked questions about cases addressed by a medical malpractice lawyer in Manhattan, KS.

What is needed to prove the malpractice?

The attorney needs detailed medical records related to the medical injury or produced condition. Next, they need a sworn statement from the victim’s employer detailing their lost wages. Finally, they need a medical doctor with the same credentials as the patient’s doctor. The doctor will testify after an assessment of the victim’s medical records. They conduct scientific testing to determine the exact origin of the medical error.

What conditions denote a medical malpractice?

Medical malpractices aren’t limited to surgical procedures only. They include the administration of the wrong treatment or medication as well as providing faulty medical devices. The use of outdated testing equipment and diagnosing a life-threatening condition too late due to this error denotes a medical malpractice.

If the desired results weren’t achieved, is it a medical malpractice?

No. The desired results don’t have anything to do with a medical malpractice. There aren’t any guarantees that a surgical procedure will produce the exact same results each time it is performed. If the desired results aren’t produced, it doesn’t indicate that the doctor did anything wrong.

Are patients entitled to acquire their full medical records?

Yes. All patients have the legal right to acquire their full medical records at any time. Medical doctors cannot refuse to provide patients with their medical records. The patient must sign a written request for their records. The request must be filed with each doctor that possesses these records.

If the patient almost died, do they have a viable claim?

No. Just because they almost died doesn’t indicate a liability. In surgery, several factors can lead to uncertain results. Associated medical conditions can arise and lead to these unexpected risks.

In Kansas, medical doctors are liable when a patient sustains injuries while under their care. These conditions can relate to a wide variety of circumstances related to medical treatment. Patients who need a medical malpractice lawyer in Manhattan, KS contact Oleen Law Firm.