First DUI in Sidney, OH: Learning Your Options and How to Plead

When you get arrested for DUI the first time, it can be a scary experience even with a DUI lawyer in Sidney, OH. You have the option to plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. Learn what each option means and when to use it.

Pleading Guilty

Pleading guilty means you admit to all charges. Guilty pleas work best for cases where the court has strong evidence against you, such as BAC levels and witnesses to your condition. You won’t be able to change this plea, but it saves money and time. You may be able to request a suspended sentence for a first DUI offence, or work with a lawyer on a plea for lesser charges.

Pleading Not Guilty

Pleading not guilty at the arraignment means you leave your sentencing to chance in court, and you deny all charges. The defense team has to review all evidence against you, and it gives you time to prepare a defense. Plead not guilty when you have evidence the charges are wrong, you haven’t undergone a discovery process, or you haven’t hired a DUI lawyer in Ohio.

Pleading No Contest

A no contest plea means you don’t admit guilt, but you admit the facts presented against you are true. In Ohio, a no contest plea is not likely to reduce your sentence, and you still have to show up to court and pay fines. The difference between a no contest plea and a guilty plea is that your admission can’t be used against you in court.

Getting an Attorney

A first DUI isn’t without stiff penalties, and laws can be complex. Never enter any plea until you have met with a DUI lawyer in Sidney, OH.

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