Filing For A Guardianship Through A Domestic Relation Attorney In Folsom, CA

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In California, guardianship is awarded to family members of at-risk children. The petitioner files a motion to achieve guardianship based on the laws of California. The court may provide temporary custody in dire circumstances. The following is steps for filing for a guardianship through a Domestic Relation Attorney in Folsom CA.

File the Appropriate Forms

* The Petition for Appointment. The form starts the case. The plaintiff proposes through the form that they are a fit guardian for the child. It implies that the plaintiff agrees to take full responsibility for the child identified.

* Child Custody Affidavit. The affidavit explains the location in which the child has lived for the last five years. It provides details about their biological parent or current guardian. It informs the court of any additional parties who possess a legal interest in the child.

* Affidavit for Appointment of Guardian of Minor Alleging Intolerable Living Situation. This affidavit offers a detailed account of the intolerable conditions in which the child lives. It explains the exact reason for the petition. These events include neglect, abuse, and dangerous circumstances that place the child at risk. It includes any reports of child abuse or events that led to any injury to the child.

* Acceptance of Guardianship. The form is a sworn statement by the plaintiff. It provides their acceptance of guardianship if awarded by the court. It details their responsibilities to the child. It also provides information about where the child lives if guardianship is achieved.

Statement Concerning Public Assistance. The form defines any public or government assistance the child receives. The Department of Health and Human Services provides more conclusive details after the petition is filed. They play an active role in the case.

Notify Parties Associated to the Case About the Petition

All parties are notified of the upcoming proceedings. They receive a written notice identifying the court date. The notice may include details about why the plaintiff seeks guardianship.

Manage the Burden of Proof

Child Protective Services provides evidence after a home study. They conduct an investigation for all allegations presented. A medical doctor provides information about any physical risks to the child’s health.

In California, guardianship requests are managed according to the identified risks. Family members have the right to file a petition for these reasons. Petitioners who need to hire a Domestic Relation Attorney in Folsom CA Visit website today.

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