Filing Claims with a Disability Attorney in Lacey, WA

by | Aug 3, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

In Washington, Social Security Disability benefits are provided to individuals with qualifying disabilities. The benefits are paid out on the first or third day of every month and assists funds to support themselves. A disability attorney in Lacey, WA provides assistance for claimants who were denied benefits.

Securing Evidence of the Qualifying Condition

All medical records are needed to provide proof of the qualifying condition. When necessary, the Social Security Administration will request copies of the medical records. Older records could become difficult for the claimant to retrieve from their doctor. The agency will acquire a release from the claimant when necessary to request copies.

Testimony from the Claimant’s Doctor

The claimant’s doctor provides testimony privately and explains the progression of the eligible condition. The SSA needs to know how the condition prevents the claimant from working. All treatments used for the condition are included in the explanation. If the condition presents a debilitating effect, the doctor discusses what happens to produce the effects.

The Reason for the Denial

If the claimant is denied by the SSA, the agency must provide an exact reason for the denial. Common reasons for denials are a lack of necessary evidence and an ability to work in a different industry. The claim must present a qualifying condition that stops the claimant from working in any industry. It doesn’t matter if the claimant cannot work in just their preferred industry.

Starting a Legal Claim

The disabled claimant starts a legal claim if they are denied disability benefits. The claim presents the claimant a chance to receive a lump sum settlement. The disability benefits will start on the month following the approval through court. According to statistics, claimants are more likely to receive backpay that starts on the date in which they were diagnosed instead of when they filed their application.

In Washington, Social Security Disability benefits assist disabled individuals who are unable to work. The funds are provided according to the program for which they apply. If a claimant is denied benefits, they have the option to file a lawsuit. Claimants who need to start a claim can check out website to speak to a disability attorney in Lacey, WA now.

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