Filing an Appeal and Pursuing Your Case through a VA Disability Attorney

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Attorneys

Military judges typically turn down first-time cases for disability payments. In most situations, the only cases that get approved on the first try are those from petitioners who suffer from fatal illnesses like pancreatic cancer or pulmonary fibrosis.

When your case has been denied, you have the right to file an appeal right away. You could win it on the second or subsequent attempt by hiring a VA disability attorney to file the appeal for you.

Adding More Evidence

The denial of your first case may have hinged on the lack of evidence of your disability. The judge decided that the illness or injury that you listed did not necessarily exclude you from working or going back to active duty.

Your lawyer can provide more evidence in your appeal to show that you cannot reasonably go back to work and thus have no way to earn an income for you or your family. This additional evidence can include x-rays, MRI or CAT scans or prescription records. It could convince the judge to reconsider the earlier decision and rule in your favor on appeal.

Your lawyer can also argue on your behalf in court. You avoid having to speak for yourself and can have your legal team present a more convincing and eloquent defense for you.

These services are a few to expect from your VA disability attorney when you file an appeal. You could win your case on a second or subsequent attempt. Find out more by contacting Jackson & MacNichol online.

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