Filing A Claim With A Workers Compensation Attorney In Granite City, IL

In Illinois, worker’s compensation insurance is required under federal law, and all employers who hire more than one worker must get the insurance. The insurance provides coverage after an on-the-job injury. All events leading up to the accident are reviewed to determine who was at fault. A Workers Compensation Attorney in Granite City IL helps workers who were denied coverage under the policies.

Examine the Original Claim

The attorneys start by examining the original claim, and they determine if the paperwork was filed appropriately. Any injured worker has a period of thirty days to report the injuries to their supervisor. The doctor who provides treatment must submit the medical report within ten days.

Evaluate the Worker’s Injuries and Eligibility

A claims adjuster manages the claim who evaluates the terms of the policy and determine if the worker’s injuries qualify them for benefits. The worker must follow all safety policies enforced by the employer. Any deviations from the policies could lead to a denial based on a comparative fault.

What Benefits are Available Through the Insurance?

The worker’s compensation insurance provides complete medical payment for any treatment related to the worker’s injuries. Any worker that cannot return to work immediately could acquire monetary benefits to replace their wages. The policies provide up to 80% of the worker’s wages for the full duration of their recovery.

What Can Claimants Expect if They Win?

If the claimant wins their case, all economic losses are replaced through compensation. The losses include medical expenses and lost wages. However, if the injuries caused a disability or permanent loss, the court could increase the monetary award according to tort-based options. Some workers could acquire more profound damages if they lost organ function or a limb.

In Illinois, worker’s compensation insurance is a requirement under federal laws. The policies provide coverage for medical expenses and treatments related to the workplace injury. A claims adjuster reviews the claim and determines if the worker is eligible for the benefits. Workers who were denied coverage contact a Workers Compensation Attorney in Granite City IL through Becker Schroader & Chapman PC for an appointment or click here for more information now.