Figuring Out the Law with Child Custody in Mt. Sinai, NY

Divorce can be a taxing experience, especially for children who have more vulnerable emotions. To make the experience less painful for any children involved, consider hiring a lawyer who specializes in child custody in Mt. Sinai, NY.

What Are My Rights?

When it comes to child custody, courts tend to rule in what they consider to be the best interest of the child. The courts will look into the mental and physical health of both parties, the child’s desires, who the primary caretaker has been, each party’s work schedules, and if there has been any history of violence or abuse. All of these factors help the courts to make the decision of who gets child custody, though most courts tend to favor joint custody.

What Does Visitation Look Like?

Visitation will look different from case to case. Fathers should know first and foremost that child custody does not always go in favor of the mother. Instead, courts look at where the child is most likely to thrive. For example, if the child primarily lives with the father, attends school in his town, and maintains important friendships there, then the father can be granted equal custody as the mother, if not more custodial rights. The courts also look at family dynamics. Which home is best suited for the child? Which caregiver is more suited? All of these aspects come into consideration when a court rules regarding custody.

In addition, if a parent denies another parent visitation rights, this proves parental unfitness. This could result in a change of custody, especially if brought to the attention of the courts. If you face issues with parental visitation, contact the police for further action. If you currently struggle with divorce terms and want to seek an attorney’s help with custodial rights, visit  for help.