Divorces Can Be Messy, But They Don’t Have to Be

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Lawyer

The divorce laws of New York State can be incredibly complex and confusing for the lay person. When you speak to an expert in divorce law in Valley Stream, NY, you are getting years of experience and knowledge on your side. You are having to deal with a major change in your life and having an attorney help you facilitate it can be a shining light in an otherwise dark situation.

It All Has to be Done Correctly

The most important reason to speak to a divorce attorney in Valley Stream, NY is to make sure that every detail is covered and that there is no room for the unplanned. Not only is there a mountain of paperwork to file but things like assets and money have to be distributed in a way that is fair to each party in the former marriage. As much as it would be nice for couples getting divorced to both walk away peacefully, the sad truth is that sometimes the process can get spiteful and mean spirited. It all depends on the reason for the divorce but that doesn’t matter as much as making sure that someone has your back legally should things start to go badly.

Serving for Four Decades

The law offices of Simon & Milner opened their doors in 1979 to offer people in the community a place to come to when they are forced to deal with the divorce laws of the state. They are a family owned practice who put a premium on making sure that their clients aren’t raked over the coals in a court of law. To learn more about Simon & Milner, Click here. You need someone in your corner to help you through all this and someone that has been dealing with divorces for 40 years is the clear choice.

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