Consulting a Car Accident Lawyer in Mt. Vernon, IL After Accusations of Causing Road Rage

by | Oct 18, 2019 | Lawyer

A car accident lawyer in Mt. Vernon, IL may represent clients who were victims of crashes caused by road rage. Serious injuries and even fatalities occur every year when drivers become infuriated by another driver’s behavior. However, automotive insurance companies and injury lawyers also realize that sometimes the victim of road rage actually did something to instigate or escalate the situation.

Law enforcement officials may cite the driver who was injured along with the one who caused the accident. That provides the insurer with a reason to deny the claim or pay a small amount of compensation.

Loitering in the Left Lane

An example would be a driver who travels in the left lane on a four-lane highway at the same speed as cars in the right lane. The driver will not speed up or move over. This can become very aggravating to anyone following behind this person and wanting to travel faster. Left lanes are generally intended for passing, so drivers are not supposed to stay there unless they have a good reason to.

Slamming on Brakes

Being tailgated is annoying, but slamming on the brakes is not a reasonable reaction. This can easily cause a rear-end collision. The driver behind will most likely be cited because of traveling too close. However, the driver in front may also get a ticket for the braking behavior.

Aggressive Honking

Drivers who honk the horn in an aggressive way also can trigger anger from their targets. A gentle tap on the horn after the light turns green should be enough to alert the person who is just sitting there. Blasting the horn as though the person has done something very dangerous is questionable behavior. A car accident lawyer in Mt. Vernon, IL knows this should not lead to a hazardous altercation on the road, but sometimes that’s what happens.

None of these situations excuses the aggressive or violent behavior of a driver who caused a collision. However, it can make it more difficult for the injured person to collect the full compensation he or she might otherwise be paid. Free consultations are available at law firms such as Olson and Reeves Attorneys At Law, during which people can learn whether or not they have a good case.

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