Consult with a Family Law Firm in Waxahachie, TX for a Prenuptial Agreement

Dividing assets and debts after a mortgage falls apart can be complicated. That’s why many couples choose to draft a prenuptial agreement before they get married. Although these agreements are common among wealthy couples, they are very useful to people who have limited assets as well. There are several ways a prenuptial agreement can benefit a couple.

No Need for Litigation

Litigation may be necessary when a couple cannot agree on how to divide their assets and debts. Because they aren’t able to work out their differences, a judge has to decide. With a prenuptial agreement, most or all of those questions are already answered, so there’s no need to spend additional money on a family law firm in Waxahachie, TX to litigate if they choose to end the marriage. Couples can browse the website to learn more about what happens during a divorce trial.

Peace of Mind

A spouse that consults with a family law firm in Waxahachie, TX prior to the marriage won’t have to worry about what assets they’ll leave the relationship with if they get divorced later. Spouses won’t have to hide assets or deceive their partner because they’ll know what they’ll leave the marriage with from the beginning. An effective prenuptial agreement is a pact between the spouses, not a tool used by one spouse to control the other.

The best time to bring up the subject of a prenuptial agreement is in the early wedding planning stages. At this time, a couple is usually very much in love and intending to spend the rest of their lives together. A prenup should be created with love and should ensure that both spouses will leave the marriage with the things they need to make a fresh start.

If one spouse tries to use a prenuptial agreement to control the other’s actions, a lawyer from Mallios & Associates PC might advise their client to reconsider the marriage. An attorney may give other advice to ensure the final agreement is in the best interest of their client. With the agreement in place, the couple won’t have to think about what their lives would be like if they ever got divorced and can instead focus on living happily ever after.