Consult With A Divorce Attorney In Brainerd MN About Your Case

Obtaining a divorce can take a long time if procedures are not properly followed. Some couples will continue to argue among themselves about finances, child custody and other sticking points for the final decree. A divorce attorney in Brainerd MN offers outstanding negotiating skills to settle a divorce. Areas that appear to be at a standstill will move towards a resolution with the proper legal advice. Family law cases are usually highly charged with emotions, and an attorney can reduce the stress that this situation can cause. In order to file for divorce in Minnesota, one of the spouses must be living in the state for at least 180 days before starting a divorce proceeding.

Same-sex couples can file for divorce in Minnesota. The requirements for this type of divorce includes:

      *     They must have been married after August 1, 2013, in Minnesota.

      *     Both parties must live in a state that will not allow same-sex marriage dissolution.

Divorces become even more complicated when a couple has assets such as real estate, automobiles, pensions, jewelry or vacation property. In addition to assets, minor children from the relationship usually result in lengthy court battles over the children’s custody. A divorce can be finalized much faster when both parties agree on how to handle the parenting time and custody with the children. Alternative dispute resolution services can help couples reach an agreement on issues they previously couldn’t agree on. parents can work with independent evaluators to reach an agreement about their custody, parenting time and custody issues.

Attempting to represent yourself in a divorce is never recommended. Once a final divorce decree is issued, an individual cannot change it. A divorce attorney in Brainerd MN will protect their client’s rights during the divorce or custody proceeding. The client will always have the option to choose the best decision for themselves. If for any reason a client is fearful of harassment or threats by their spouse, they should immediately notify the attorney to obtain an order of protection.

Brainerd Law has experienced family law attorneys that can represent clients in divorce, adoption, visitation, child support, prenuptial agreement and many other areas of the law.